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Scholars, Faculty and Student Insurance


Students often seek to further their education at a college out of state or even study abroad. Parents need not worry about them being too far from home for them to be protected. Check out the many products available with which you can protect them.

Patriot Exchange ProgramSM

Individuals, families, & groups – Short-term coverage available from one month up to four years for educational and cultural exchange programs.      


Patriot Exchange is designed for international travelers, and their families, actively engaged or participating in educational or cultural exchange programs.


There are two plan options: The Standard Plan meets the J1 Visa requirements and provides coverage that includes medical benefits, international emergency care including emergency medical & political evacuation, repatriation, and a choice of optional coverage enhancements. The Basic Plan is a more economical plan with essential travel medical coverage.




Student Health AdvantageSM           

Individual or groups of two or more members - Long-term coverage available from one month up to five years for educational programs.


Student Health Advantage is designed to meet the needs of international students, scholars, and faculty, their families, and groups of two or more involved in long-term educational programs. In addition to meeting the requirements of the J1 Visa, this plan includes benefits for maternity, mental health and organized sports. After a period of 12 months, pre-existing conditions will be covered as well.


Sponsored groups of 2 or more - Platinum



Individuals - Platinum



Sponsored groups of 2 or more - Standard



Individuals - Standard




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